Thursday, 18 May 2017

How To Create Share Worthy Content | Tips From 46 Experts

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Content marketing is an evergreen strategy that can drive traffic & leads to any business for many years after it's published.

There's just one thing to remember though.

...Content Promotion!

Content needs to be attractive to your audience.

It also needs to be share worthy on social media, whilst also a resource many bloggers would consider linking to.

After all, search engine rankings are driven by social interaction and links.

So how exactly can small businesses go about creating share worthy content!

...Venngage engaged over 140 influencers in the online marketing space to share some of their best tactics for creating high quality, share worthy content.

One of the highly acclaimed experts Neil Petal recommended "Research what all of your competitors are creating and one up them. Make your content more detailed, more actionable, and wrap it up with a pretty design."

Barry Feldman, Founder of Feldman Creative outlines "My formula's a two parter. One, make content that solves a real problem you know potential customers grapple with. And two, make the experience of consuming that content fun."

Learn what each expert had to say with this "Creating Addictive Content" Infographic from Venngage.

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